Parisian Sweet Meets Teddy Boy


The beauty of Parisian Sweet is the diversity we both attract and cater for, bringing together the most stylish of individuals all differing greatly in their personal taste whilst sharing the same passion for unique style. Each day brings a new face and we love meeting and styling every one of our customers. With every trip to London Jackariaeh considers the needs and desires of our customers while selectively gathering each piece to be stocked both in-store and online.


Teddy Boy Paul regularly visits Parisian Sweet in search of bold new pieces to add to his 1950's inspired wardrobe. On this particular occasion, Paul awaited Jackariaeh's return from London in hope of a new pair of thick-soled, flat-form creepers as seen in the photographs above. Paul describes himself as a Teddy Boy, one who's style is heavily influenced by the fifties British subculture. Dressed in a leopard print drape jacket paired with matching print creepers, Paul likes to make evocative statements through each selectively chosen piece he wears. His style is particularly reflective of an appreciation for the Teddy Boy era, expressing a passionate love for the fashion and culture of the time period.

sophie faye