An Interview With Jackariaeh


We sat down with P.S. owner Jackariaeh to talk about all things Parisian. From where it all began to his aspirations for the future of, we receive an exclusive invite inside the characteristic humble abode of Jackariaeh.

How did Parisian Sweet start?

I was living in New York, working part-time promoting tables in clubs. I needed a way to make a bit of money whilst I was there so I started thrift shopping and buying bits and pieces to resell to my friends back home in England. I also started selling on eBay just to generate a little bit more money. After about eight weeks I saved up two thousand pounds and began to realise that it was something that I was good at.

How did you start out in fashion?

I started at Plymouth College of Art and Design studying fashion. I dropped out and pursued a career in modelling and ended up having a lot more fun in that. So I left my studies to be a designer behind me.

How did you come up with the name Parisian Sweet?

The name was inspired by the extremely well-dressed people of Paris. Some people feed on sweets and candy, but if you love fashion and clothing then you feed on that and that’s where the name Parisian Sweet came about- ‘Parisian’ as the people of Paris are so stylish, and ‘Sweet’ as in boutique or shop where you can come and feed on your chosen treat.

Which designers does P.S. love to stock?

I love to stock Coco Chanel obviously because she was one of the first icons not just in fashion but also as a promoter of women’s rights and women having power. She was the first person to introduce so many items and garments into the fashion industry that have now become household items. Everybody in their home or wardrobe will have something. Coco Chanel cut her hair short and made handbags with handles to carry on the shoulder which back then in the 20’s and 30’s you didn’t do. The inspiration she took to create her handbags were from the soldiers walking around Paris during the war, she took the ideas from the chains from their bags.

What do you aim to achieve with Parisian Sweet?

Over the next few years I aim to establish the brand even more and build the online business side of things and hopefully be a competitor with Heirloom, 1stdips and Vestiaire and become quite a big online store. But I also still want to remain in Plymouth doing this because I love to get the balance right and I think if you’re successful and you want to create something magical you also need a stable background and home- a safe place.

When you first started the shop did you ever see it moving online?

When I first started the shop I didn’t expect it to be as successful as it has been but I think that also comes behind if you believe in something enough and you push it and you don’t see it as a job, you just see it as a passion and you push that as well that helps keep it going.

How has the experience of moving online and creating a website been?

Its been fantastic because I’ve got to work with Grace who is absolutely amazing and a joy to work with, she’s really talented as well. I think its also made it easier for people to access and have a look at the shop without actually having to be here… and people obviously like to put things on their credit card! I think also people want to be part of and buy into something which is not just about selling nice clothes, its about something which is a lot more than that, making people feel really special, trusted, loved and valued which I do with all my customers.

Do you see the website expanding further?

I think the website will gradually build up and it’ll get bigger and bigger and bigger. Then I’ll focus more money and more attention into developing it and promoting it and pushing it further afield. I love my base being Plymouth but obviously my dream goal is to be sold globally.

What do you think Parisian Sweet brings to the city of Plymouth?

The shop offers a lot of brands which a lot of people probably don’t even know exist. Plymouth has the stigma of being quite culturally backwards and I think by me being here and trying to educate the people on different designs and different brands and the quality and show them that its not just this much money because its by this designer, its also the craftsmanship and the time and effort that goes into making these things. The process to make a Birkin for example, the reason it costs so much money is because it doesn’t just take a day to make mass produced, it takes maybe three or four months to make one bag! Every single piece has a different department that it goes to that its made in.

Is building a relationship with your customers important to you?

Its all based on trust, because you can go into a shop and buy anything and you can be sold anything if you’re a good seller but actually selling things to people and being really honest with them about it is the key. If they don’t look right in something there is no point selling it to them as if they buy it, they wont come back. They trust you because you’re honest with them and you tell them if something doesn’t look quite right and it doesn’t fall in the right way that they’re after. It helps repeat custom.

Sum up Parisian Sweet in a few words…

Eccentric, loving, passionate, ambitious, happiness, loyalty, creativity and belief.

sophie faye